New high output balers at LAMMA from Claas


New additions to the CLAAS product range being displayed for the first time in the UK at LAMMA include the new high capacity QUADRANT 5200 baler, the latest VARIANT 400 round baler and the recently launched FIELD BASE mobile RTK transmitter.

New QUADRANT balers
Three new QUADRANT balers have been added to the CLAAS range – the QUADRANT 5300, 5200 and 4200.

New features include heavier duty drive systems, longer bale chambers, redesigned knotters and the new patented CLAAS APC (AUTOMATIC PRESSURE CONTROL) system.

Standard on the QUADRANT 5300/5200 and optional on the QUADRANT 4200, APC takes high density baler performance to a new level, by ensuring that bale weight is maintained by automatically monitoring the knotters and the stress on the drive system.

Having entered both the required bale density and the quality of the baling string being used into the ISObus terminal, APC will automatically maintain the target chamber pressure by monitoring sensors recording the deflection of the main beam and knotter tension on three of the knotters. This ensures that a uniform bale weight is maintained regardless of variations in crop quality.

As an option on the QUADRANT 4200 and standard on the QUADANT 5300/5200, KCS (Knotter Control System) is also available where sensors are fitted to all six knotters. With KCS, stress on each of the knotters is monitored to detect any broken strings or a missed knot. This will then result in an alarm on the control terminal to alert the driver.

CLAAS is the only baler manufacturer to design and manufacture its own knotters, and the patent for its knotters is the oldest it owns. For the new QUADRANT the knotters have been redesigned and feature a new bill hook, string guide finger and string clamping plate and disc design, which creates a single, improved shape of knot with longer ends for greater ‘hold’ in all baling conditions with no string waste.

Other new features on the QUADRANT 5300/5200/4200 include the hydraulically powered TURBO FAN system which uses oscillating air jets to keep the knotters clean. CLAAS is also the first manufacturer to offer the option of hydraulic drive to the pick-up reel, top roller-crop press and PFS auger, which allows the operator to match the speed of the baler intake to crop conditions.

New FIELD BASE mobile RTK transmitter

The new tripod-mounted RTK FIELD BASE enables farmers and contractors to take their RTK signal with them, rather than rely gaining a signal from a fixed mast or 3rd party supplier.

The RTK FIELD BASE has a 2-frequency GPS and GLONASS receiver, giving an accuracy of 2 to 3 cm over a range of 3-5km.

The RTK FIELD BASE can be used anywhere and anytime, and its compact dimensions and practical tripod system make it very easy to transport and set up. The RTK FIELD BASE is ready to work in about 3 minutes and it incorporates a 20-hour battery.

The RTK FIELD BASE uses an open signal, so can be used with any RTK receiver and the signal can be used by an unlimited number of machines within its range without any licensing fees for transmission being incurred.
Full ISOBUS compatibility from S10 terminal

Until now, the S10 terminal has only been ISO UT (Universal Terminal) and ISO AUX (ability to allocate actions to F keys in the tractor) compatible. For any other ISO functions, such as section boom control on a sprayer, this has required a separate screen in the tractor.

For 2017, the new S10 incorporates all the latest ISO functions, so doing away with the need for additional terminals. Particularly useful will be the integration of task management using TC Basic, which will be standard on all S10 terminals. TC Geo, which enables the S10 to be used for precision farming applications and implements such as variable applications or the CROP SENSOR, and the TC SC function for section or multiple boom control will be optional additions.

The new screen layout has also been redesigned so that multiple windows can be displayed simultaneously. Implements are identified automatically and field lists are sorted automatically (requires TC GEO) so that the current field is at the top with the next five closest fields listed after that.

Studio Rémi Villaggi - 50 Bd de l'Europe - 57070 Metz Port: + 33(0)6 80 14 94 95

Studio Rémi Villaggi – 50 Bd de l’Europe – 57070 Metz
Port: + 33(0)6 80 14 94 95


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