Sulky extends the potential of its front hopper with a new folding tine coulter bar


The Kronos TF is intended for fast drilling and is fitted with a robust chassis supporting five rows of drilling tines. Available in 5.6m and 6.0m widths, and with good clearance, it adapts to surface preparations with plant residues.

The straight, semi-rigid tines can provide accurate seed placement even when coping with    stony soils. The working depth is managed by depth control wheels at the front and the flexible Gravity rubber roller at the rear.

The Kronos TF has little drag and is not speed-sensitive, and develops 12km/hr to 15km/hr, thus offering high-level application rates in the order of 5ha/hr. The hopper at the front has a capacity of either 1,000 or 1,800 litres and makes it possible to balance out the loads on the tractor.

It offers other drilling combinations depending on the soil preparation and the crops to be sown: hopper combined with either a drilling tool bar with a power harrow; a single-seed drill for the application of fertiliser; or even a stubble plough to establish cover crops at the lowest possible cost.

The application rate and pneumatic distribution from the front hopper are assigned to the Adjustable Distribution System (ADS) system, originally developed by Sulky. This single metering unit is driven by an electric motor with radar speed take-up, all of which is controlled from the Pilot control box.





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