Unlock the potential of your crops with trial-backed bio-stimulants by AminoA


Growers can enjoy yield increases and efficacy improvements on crops whilst reducing fungicide inputs, with interventions of natural bio-stimulant products from AminoA.

Latest trials are demonstrating how the AminoA range of biotechnology products are not only helping to build resistance to stress, whether from waterlogging or other causes such as heat, cold and drought, but are also improving crop quality. 

AminoA is introducing its brand new OF&G organic-approved seed treatment, AminoA STAART, which helps to maximise early crop vigour and emergence, while increasing the uptake of available nutrients.

AminoA STAART complements the full range of new generation biological crop stimulants, alongside the established natural amino acid bio-stimulant, AminoA FLO. This highly concentrated l-isomer amino-acid complex, manufactured in the UK, contains synthetics and the latest crop penetrant technology, making it suitable for mixing with other agrochemicals.

The effectiveness of AminoA FLO, has been demonstrated on a series of independent trials and customer experiences across all crops, including cereals and legumes.

‘’Our products are deliberately designed to have broad spectrum activity, as they contain every essential amino-acid that plants synthesise throughout their growth cycle,” explains AminoA managing director Richard Phillips.

The most recent independent trials, conducted by NIAB on Skyfall winter wheat, saw AminoA FLO produce a statistically significant yield increase above a reduced fungicide programme, and also a significant increase in green leaf retention. The findings back up a previous NIAB trial (2019) that showed that AminoA FLO can reduce reliance on fungicide inputs.

“Repeated use of our products, in combination with other agrochemicals, will enhance their effectiveness and produce a yield response in the crop, therefore resulting in a positive return on investment and increased profits,” adds Mr Phillips.

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